Low noise, low drift accelerometer, 3 axes, 20 bits resolution, USB or RS-485 interfaces, USB powered, programmatically selectable acceleration ranges ± 2g / ± 4g / ± 8g. High sensitivity and wide dynamic range of the accelerometer allow to use it in a different types of measurements, including the seismic measurements.

Key-ready software includes signal processing (Spectrum, trend, magnitude calculation and plotting). The software may be modified for customer request.

Accelerometer, RS-485 Interface

RS-485 accelerometer may be connected by a cable up to 100 meters length to the computer’s USB through RS-485< >USB adapter. The power supply for the accelerometer is provided by USB.

Accelerometer, USB interface

The accelerometer connects to the computer’s USB by a convenient USB cable up to 1.8m length, power supply is provided by USB.


You may try the Accelerometer Demo application, it is placed in archive acc-usb.rar and includes Help file.

Read the Help file, it contains sufficient information about the accelerometer and the application. You can also download data files recorded by the accelerometers and stored in the dataAcc-usb.rar archive. Open the data files by the application to test the signal processing functions and application possibilities.

Download Acc-USB (Eng)